Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections are an excellent option for a myriad of conditions. There exists extensive research showing the benefits of PRP injection for the treatment of tendinitis and sprains and potentially for symptomatic relief in arthritis. Patients interested in PRP injections can have these performed the same day as initial evaluation. The process consists of drawing the patient’s blood and using a special kit and centrifuge, concentrating the platelets and plasma injecting it back to the area of concern.

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Corticosteroid injections

Corticosteroids are very powerful anti-inflammatories that can give excellent pain relief. Injecting the steroid results in a high local concentration of the medication with little systemic absorption. They are particularly useful in treating disorders that result in significant inflammation such as bursitis or in the temporary relief of arthritic pain.

Stem Cells

Injections of stem cells have shown great promise in aiding healing of an injury or in supplementing the healing response following surgery. In addition there is evidence to show that stem cell injections can give good symptomatic relief in patients experiencing pain from arthritis. Stem cell injections are available in the office or at time of surgery.

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Viscosupplementation injection

Hyaluronic acid is normally produced by the lining of the joint. It lubricates the joint and helps to decrease friction and pain. Visco-supplementation injections are used in the treatment of arthritis in the knee to help reduce pain.

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