If you are dealing with joint pain or some type of injury, you might want to use orthopedic sports medicine to improve your health. Sometimes, a few changes to your lifestyle and diet can go a very long way. Not every injury requires prescription medication or surgery.

Did you know that for every 10 pounds of weight you gain, you increase your risk of developing knee osteoarthritis by 36%? With the right exercise and diet, you can avoid serious injuries and chronic pain issues.

What is Orthopedic Sports Medicine?

Before you choose orthopedic sports medicine to improve your health, it is a good idea to figure out what it is, exactly. Sports medicine is a type of medicine that focuses on injuries, preventative care, and exercise related to sports. It’s common to see an orthopedic doctor if you have a broken bone or a sprained ankle.

However, orthopedic sports medicine can help treat a variety of injuries. It can also help to improve your overall health. Orthopedic sports medicine helps to treat many types of patients with musculoskeletal system issues. Some of the common issues treated by orthopedic sports medicine include:

  • Arthritis
  • Bone fractures
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle injuries
  • Ligament injuries

Often, this type of medicine takes a holistic approach to treatment. It is not just about treating the injury, but also about optimizing physical performance.

Who Should Use Orthopedic Sports Medicine?

There are many benefits to orthopedic sports medicine for many different patients. People of all walks of life use this type of medicine. It is not just for athletes or those suffering from a sports injury.

When you want to regain your function and quality of life after an injury, orthopedic sports medicine is a great choice. Whether you play high school or college sports, enjoy a pick-up game on the weekend, or you are an active senior, you can benefit from this type of care.

Sports medicine specialists will not just treat injuries. Often, they also provide rehabilitative care and guidance for better overall health. You can also get the right preventative care from orthopedic sports medicine.

When is it Time to Seek Treatment?

It does not matter if you play sports, you exercise, or you are an active senior, you should know when to seek treatment. After an accident or an injury has occurred, you certainly want to seek treatment. However, you might have an ongoing injury causing you pain or you may want preventative care.

When an injury is not mild enough to consider the wait-and-see approach, you want to seek treatment. Sometimes, seeking medical attention immediately is necessary. 

Some of the types of injuries treated by sports medicine doctors include:

If you’re dealing with any of these types of injuries, you can see orthopedic sports medicine for treatment. Even if you want preventative care to improve your health and help you avoid injury, Dr. John Andrachuck can help.