Just because you suffer from joint pain does not mean you cannot exercise. It might make some moves harder, but you can still reach your fitness goals, even if you struggle with joint paint. 

Whether you have bad knees, a bad back, or even bad shoulders, you can work out if you have the right exercise. Let’s look at a few of the top cardio training options for those suffering from joint pain.

5 Top Cardio Exercises For Those With Joint Pain

1. The Sled Push & Reverse Drag

A good cardio exercise for joint pain is the Sled Push and Reverse Drag. This exercise will work well for those with bad backs, shoulders, or knees. It is very controlled and will concentrate mainly on leg action.

You will put less stress on your joints compared to squats and lunges. With this exercise, your heart-rate will get up and your body will be able to burn fat. 

2. Mountain Climbers

Another very controlled exercise those with joint pain can do to get in some cardio training, mountain climbers are a popular choice. They work great for those suffering from lower back issues and bad knees.

When you perform mountain climbers properly, you will keep the plank position for a neutral spine position. Since you will be keeping the weight on your hands, this exercise won’t put much stress on the knees.

You can use mountain climbers to build up core strength. They can also be a good option for burning fat.

3. Battling Ropes

One of the top cardio training options for those with joint pain is the battling ropes. This is a great choice for those suffering from back pain. The work you will get done here will be through the arms, shoulders, and the core, so it won’t be hard on your back. 

4. Speed Squats

When you suffer from hip, foot, ankle, or knee issues, jumping and bounding cardio exercises can be difficult. You can replace many of the more intense cardio exercises with speed squats for a similar type of intensity. These types of squats will limit the range-of-motion to put you in control of the exercise.

The key to this type of cardio training is speed, of course. You will do a basic squat, but you will try to do as many as possible in a set amount of time.

5. Run/Walk on a Curved Treadmill

A very easy cardio exercise for those with joint issues is running or walking on a curved treadmill. The curved, self-propelled treadmills work best and allow you to simulate running or walking on the road. The curve at the front of the treadmill will help to dampen the impact, which makes it more joint-friendly than a regular treadmill.

These are just five of the many good cardio training options for those suffering from joint pain. Whether you suffer from back pain, hip pain, or any other type of pain in your joints, you can still perform cardio training, with approval from your doctor, of course.